2nd ECO Wednesday.

Datum objave: 22. July, 2020.

This morning, 22.07.2020, took place our second “Eco Wednesday” appointment, in Lantana Beach bar, in Čigrađa bay. We have been delighted to meet again known faces from last appointment and a couple new ones, hope to see new and new ones next times!

Today’s workshop aimed to make our little friends understand the importance of the insects’ world; at the beginning there were some surprised faces, even some disgusted ones (as you will see from the funny pictures we took together!), but little by little we were able to make them realize that each of these small creatures that surround us have a huge purpose in our ecosystem and that at the end we shouldn’t be that scared by them.

We talked about endemic and alien species, how to distinguish them and why it’s important to do so and finally we got to build a B&B for them, because yes, they are important but better if we all have our personal space! 😉

Obviously we always think about the environment and how to reuse our waste to make something good out of it, so we took our tetrapaks waste and turned them in a place where insects can find a safe roof and even some snacks!

We are proud, kids enjoyed and bugs thank!

More photos you can find here:


Stay tuned to find out what the next workshop will be about and… see you on Wednesday!

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