Datum objave: 27. July, 2020.

KORČULA, SPLIT, ZADAR – JULY 25/26, 2020 Organized by the Association for Nature and Environmental Protection and the promotion of sustainable development of Argonauta from the island of Murter and co-organized by diving clubs RK Sv. Roko – Bibinje, UPA Rostrum – Split and ERK Korčula from Korčula, 3 submarine cleaning actions called “Together for a cleaner Adriatic” were held last weekend.

Association of Argonauts, as a coordinator of actions, and diving clubs RK Sv. Roko, UPA Rostrum and ERK Korčula as hosts, gathered a total of 84 volunteers who this weekend together removed as much as 70 cubic meters of waste from the seabed at locations in Zadar – part of the port of Foša, in Split – the western part of the beach Žnjan, and on Korcula Porto Us. The utility companies Čistoća Zadar, Čistoća Split and Hober Korčula participated in waste disposal.

Almost anything was found below the sea at all locations: from old batteries, parts of the ship, huge quantities of tires, glass and plastic bottles, etc..

Here is what the leaders of the actions said.

Đani Iglić, President of the Diving Club Sveti Roko Bibinje:

“To be honest, we are glad that we took out the least of the amount of waste compared to the other two locations where this weekend was held the cleaning in Split and Korcula too. We noticed at several locations in Zadar, which we have been systematically cleaning for years, that there is much less waste, and I am especially glad that we found a live periscope in Telašćica, although they reported on the portals that the last periscope in Telašćica died. And somehow I hope this shell isn’t the only one. Long live a hundred years!”

Ivan Živković, President of the Association for Underwater Activities Rostrum from Split:

“Here is a small summary of the Split eco-action, which was the last in the cycle of cleaning the Žnjan beach (on the coastal belt of about 1.5 km, we have done a total of 6 eco-actions in recent years), and we are glad that we did the last with such a nice cooperation with Argonaut and other clubs and extracted 45 cubic meters of waste, and we can confirm that the seabed of the Žnjan beach is now completely cleaned! This is the result of continuous monitoring that we are doing in the Split area, and locating and mapping underwater landfills. Here we would certainly like to emphasize that caring for the environment does not stop, just by removing waste from the sea, but also by its adequate disposal and recycling. As you may have noticed, we selected RUBBER-GLASS-PLASTIC-METAL waste, according to the recommendations of Čistoća Split, which will dispose of it in adequate recycling yards. We are looking forward to socializing and eco action on Murter.”

Frano Fabris, President of the Ecological Diving Club Korčula:

“We cleaned the Port of Ush and in just 3 hours, 16 divers, with the help of volunteers on land, emerged as many as 22 cubic meters of garbage. Although we are actually most aware of the real situation under the sea, today’s result shocked us too! We believe this is a lesson to everyone, and the pictures speak for themselves. Thanks to the organizers who recognized our efforts and the value of the project. We are looking forward to new gatherings and thank you all for your help.”

Ivana Marin, Head of the Nature and Environment Protection Program in the Argonauta Association, coordinator of the action “Together for a cleaner Adriatic”:

“We are extremely satisfied with the underwater cleaning actions and the regional cooperation we have had with diving clubs. I take this opportunity to announce the continuation of the actions of cleaning the seabed “Together for a cleaner Adriatic”, which we are organizing on the last weekend in August this year on the island of Murter. Then the Argonauta association will host the mentioned diving clubs and jointly clean several locations on the island of Murter. A “Festival of the Sea” with a handful of related events is also planned for this weekend with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of preserving the seabed.”

The actions of cleaning the seabed “Together for a cleaner Adriatic” were made possible by the company Procter and Gamble Croatia, ie its customers who gave their contribution to the donation by purchasing the marked products, for which we thank them on behalf of the organizers of the Argonauta Association.

Photos from the action from Zadar were taken from the Antena Zadar portal.

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