Datum objave: 31. July, 2020.

As part of the Colentum 8 Archaeological Treasure project, the Argonauta Association, in cooperation with local shipbuilder Milan Jadrešić, created a new attraction at the Colentum Archaeological Site, based on the initial idea of ​​the association’s president Luka Ježina and a sketch by academic sculptor Carla Radnić.

Removing the remains of the old “scout” that was previously placed on the pine, which with its appearance, position and structure called for an attractive transformation, we made a new wooden structure consisting of stairs, two platforms, a fence and a boat rope. So we breathed new life and purpose into the old, probably “spy mail”; instead hidden views of secluded nudists on the former untidy beach, children can play on today’s lookout, and occasional visitors can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the first Croatian archeological beach and the beautiful archipelago that surrounds it. The completion of the drywall sub-wall and the access path is planned to be completed soon.

You can see the process of the idea and setting up the house below, from photos of the old wooden structure, through simplified sketches to the final result that will surely remain for use and admiration for future generations.

The “ABC8” project is funded by the Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds (MRRFEU).

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