4th Eco-Wednesday.

Datum objave: 6. August, 2020.

And also this new Eco-(not)Wednesday, has passed! We had a little concern that the info about the date’s change wouldn’t have reached everyone, but we were suuuuuper happy to find out that our loyal little friends were all there, ready to play and learn with us, once again!

The topic of this morning was protected and endangered animals species in Croatia: we discussed about their natural environment, what puts them in danger, what does it mean to consider an animal in extinction danger and which species are considered protected here in Croatia.

We learned few characteristics about otters, lynxes, dolphins, griffon vultures and many other species, placing them on the Croatian map, based on their living habitat.

It was really heartwarming to see how kids were involved in this topic and how much they already knew about it, by themselves!

After the learning phase, we passed to a colourful 3D DIY puzzle building phase! We drew, cut and built up four of the most known national protected species out of (almost!!) wasted cardboard; someone wasn’t satisfied with making only one and so, slowly slowly, we ended up surrounded by a beautiful upcycled little zoo!

Next week it’s going to be held our LAST Eco-Wednesday appointment, yeah we are sad too…! Last chance, soooo …. make sure to not miss it!!!

As always: STAY TUNED, STAY ECO!!!

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