The promotional campaign of the Education Center is over.

Datum objave: 10. August, 2020.

Through 15 daily, short posts on FB Blue Eco-patrols, we promoted the newly renovated Education Center and the project “Blue Eco-patrol” through three categories: #education, #sustainability and #coast and island counties. 🍃

🌞🌎 The aim of the promotion was to highlight the synergy that arises from the project “Blue Eco-patrol”, which through its basic function is an adapted co-working space. 💪🔑 Through the publications, we were reminded of the gems of our area, the very meaning of the word “sustainability” and the importance of education which is the “fuel” for translating sustainable development from word to deed. 😊👣♻️

Who are the kurntars, why is the reflection important, what is the correct definition of sustainability, what is the ecological footprint, and what is the 7R concept, where Baljenac hid, how education, sustainability and the coast and islands of Šibenik-Knin County and many other interesting facts were discovered through this promotion. You can see all the photos 👇👇

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