5th and last Eco Wednesday.

Datum objave: 12. August, 2020.

Today, 12.08.20, has been a special mixed-emotions day, we’re carrying a bit of sad feelings cause we held our last Eco-Wednesday appointment (yeah…we are heartbroken as much as our little eco-creative friends), but as well we have a great reason to cheer because we’re celebrating the 2020 International Youth Day!

The theme of this year is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”, that seeks to highlight the ways in which young people are engaging at a local, national and global level and how this is enhancing the global society.

So, there couldn’t have been a better day to complete our appointments! We feel like we have reached the heart of this international youth day, from a local point of view by helping our group of kids to open up their eyes to the up-cycling world, where every object can be transformed in the most imaginative ways and nothing is really garbage in the end, if you look at things with a creative eye; in a national way, cause we tried to let them discover the most about their country, from every point of view: passing through its fauna, its environmental strengths and weaknesses, its natural forces and so on, encouraging their minds not only to imagine a better future world, but as well to be firsts in line to build it up, proactively; and, finally, in an international way, cause already as a team we are formed by a mix of different countries and cultures and, opening ourselves up to them, they could learn from us, as much as we hugely learned from them.

So, before we get too emotional, let’s talk about today’s workshop!

This morning we literally went with the flow, the tides flow! We spoke about the influence of the moon and the sun upon our seas and we went up and down at the sound of “PLIMA!” and “OSEKA!”! We tried to trick them, but they have been too smart to fall in our traps 🙂

After testing their understanding of how the tides work, making them run around our human Spanish Earth, chasing our human Italian moon, we passed to build something that could surf those tides!

We took our plastic bottles and we turned them into DIY pirates boats, with a hand-charging propulsion!! After struggling between sticks, spoons and elastics, we went on the sea to test them! It has been great fun to see them splashing around and help each other to charge the propulsions, great team work kids!

So, as all best things, we have come to an end, we thank all our kids to have joined us in this Eco-journey and, for future events, STAY TUNED, but most importantly remember: STAY CREATIVE, STAY ECO!!!

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