Marine superheroes – workshop for children.

Datum objave: 1. September, 2020.

On August 29, 2020, on the beach of Luka in Murter, an educational workshop “Sea Superheroes” was held in which the children met the characters: Nina, Brzi and Juan. Shark Brzi, seastar Juan and marine biologist Nina, aimed to teach children about the powers they possess, arouse curiosity and interest in living things in the sea and the desire to protect them.

The children have chosen which superhero they want to be and we believe that they will serve them as a “role model” in their love of marine life and their active protection!

Also, it’s not too late for us adults. Maybe Brzi, Nina or Juan wil take you back to a time when anything was possible, even protect the sea and oceans. The first step can start today! 😉


I am the boss in the sea and I have a great responsibility to keep the marine ecosystem healthy, remove diseased individuals and prevent the spread of infection. The sea expanses are my home and I like to lightly enjoy sailing and watch what is happening around me. Still, challenge me and I’ll show you my speed! In addition to the 5 senses that you have too, I have an additional 2 senses that give me superpower! Do you feel the heart of a friend beating next to you? Well, I can do it! Electroreceptors give me the power to feel changes in electricity, while with mechanoreceptors I feel the slightest changes in vibration. Cool isn’t it?


My superpower is the best of all! I have the ability to RE-GE-NE-RA-TE. If I lose one arm, a new one grows !! I don’t move my arms, forget it. I move with small legs under my arms, which, in addition to moving, also allow me to breathe because they have the role of gills. And my stomach, he’s just a special story. If I come across a large prey, I can throw my stomach out and then suck it up. Interesting, do you agree?


I don’t have super senses like mechano and electroreceptors or the ability to regenerate, but I’m great at adapting, devising and realizing ideas! The human species has devised equipment on how to dive into the marine world and thus observe life in it. Also, with the equipment we invented, we went to the greatest depths of the ocean and even to the Mariana Trench 11 km deep. All of this helps me to be a marine biologist and study the marine world around me. My greatest power is that I can protect the inhabitants of the sea, but I need help. Do you want to be like me?

Activity carried out within the project “SAIL – Adriatic cross-sectoral educational and social center for sustainable development of the island” co-financed by the European Social Fund.

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