Sea Day – Underwater Cleaning and Sea Festival.

Datum objave: 1. September, 2020.

MURTER – 29.08.2020. – The action “Together for a cleaner Adriatic” continued this Saturday in Murter and Betina, where the Association for Nature and Environmental Protection and Promotion of Sustainable Development of Argonauta organized underwater cleaning campaigns with the participation of about 60 divers and other volunteers. In addition to cleaning actions, a small Sea Festival, an exhibition “Life of the Adriatic Depths” and a prize lottery “Feed the Periscope” were held in Murter, the funds of which will be donated for the care of the remaining individuals of the Periwinkle shellfish.

The action of cleaning the seabed was carried out by about 60 divers from the diving clubs of RK Sv. Roko – Bibinje, UPA Rostrum – Split, ERK Korčula from Korčula and the newly founded Murter diving club RK Murter-Kornati. At sea, divers were accompanied by volunteers from boats – members of the associations Latinsko idro and Betinska gajeta in 1740, as well as other local volunteers on land.

The stormy south wind did not stop the divers and volunteers in their intention, and after only a few hours of action, the bay of Hramina in Murter and the bay of Zdrače in Betina were cleaned of debris. The variety of objects found in the sea, once again confirmed how much we carelessly bury the sea from which we get so much and ask. The Municipal Companies of Murtela d.o.o. and Ježinac d.o.o. took care of the proper collection and disposal of the extracted waste.

Statement by Suzana Suman, coordinator for the promotion of the action “Together for a cleaner Adriatic” from the Argonauta Association:

“It is very nice to see a lot of individuals, volunteers, divers and associations united in one goal – to preserve our seabed. Every contribution counts, and when we all look in the same direction, the result must be visible. It turned out to be a day full of useful work, good mood and socializing on Saturday, and the fact that we were gathered on Saturday to take care of our Adriatic Sea proves that we all benefit from these actions; both participants, because of the good feeling that remains after them, and our Adriatic Sea, which remains “poorer” for a large amount of waste, benefit of this action. At Argonauta, we are already looking forward to the next such or similar action!”

Statement by Ivan Živković, President of the Association for Underwater Activities Rostrum from Split:

“The stormy south wind changed and disrupted plans regarding submarine cleaning locations, but it did not affect the good atmosphere and the commitment of divers to cover and clean as much of the coast as possible in reserve locations. Thus, the members of UPA Rostrum cleaned the area of ​​Zdrače Bay, and accompanied by barcarioles, removed an enviable amount of waste. The continuation of the day passed with richly organized events, and in socializing with colleagues where contacts were established between the Associations. Future cooperation and plans for further clean-up of the seabed have also been agreed. We are looking forward to future joint projects, and once again we thank the organizer of this praiseworthy eco-action. “

The day was rich in content and organized in order to clean and protect the Adriatic Sea, protect its inhabitants and save the remaining endemics of the Mediterranean – Perna shellfish (Pinna nobilis); it ended with a lottery, in which prizes were really valuable from many sponsors, and with dancing and socializing.

Statement of Tamara Crnac, member of the Ecological Diving Club Korcula:

“We are proud that ERK Korčula could be a part of this great action of cleaning the seabed and contributing to the Sea Festival and educating children about the importance of the inhabitants of the marine ecosystem and their protection. All participants in the action, by their actions, have chosen to be the protectors of the sea, and such gatherings fill us with inviting energy and motivation for future cleaning actions. By acting in the present, we are building the future of the next generations, and it is through such initiatives that we make sure that the future is bright. We carry great memories from Murter and look forward to future projects and initiatives, and we thank the organizers for their hospitality and great company. ”

The Argonaut Association, as the organizer and host of the activities that took place on Saturday, thanks all stakeholders and individuals from the municipalities of Murter-Kornati and Tisno who accepted the invitation to cooperate as well as all sponsors and donors of the prize lottery.

The organization of underwater cleaning actions “Together for a cleaner Adriatic” was made possible by the company Procter and Gamble Croatia, ie its customers who gave their contribution to the donation by purchasing the marked products, and we would like to thank them too.


RK Murter-Kornati
RK Sv. Roko
UPA Rostrum
ERK Korčula
Murtela d.o.o.
NP Kornati
Udruga Latinsko Idro
TZ Murter-Kornati
Općina Murter-Kornati
Udruga Betinska gajeta 1740.
Muzej Betinske drvene brodogradnje
TZ Betina
Općina Tisno
Ježinac d.o.o.


Konoba Boba
Restoran Butina -Marina Hramina
Pomalo Buffet Pizzeria
Restoran Reflektor
Pizzeria Morski pas
FOOD Bar Bigulica
Caffe Krešimir
Caffe Bar Reful
Corretto Bar
Dolphin Watching Tour
Ronilački centar Najada
RK Sv. Roko
UPA Rostrum
ERK Korčula
Udruga Argonauta

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