Datum objave: 14. September, 2020.

JEDRO – Adriatic cross sectoral-educational and social center for sustainable development of the island.

On Friday, 11.9. 2020 in the restaurant Mareta in Murter, within the project JEDRO, Activity 2.1. Researching and mapping of the needs and potentials of the community using the methods and principles of participatory management, an introductory informative lecture and workshop was held according to the methodology of the World Cafe.

This activity aimed to inform and educate interested stakeholders about participatory processes in order to keep them update about plans and processes for establishing participatory management and developing programs for the future JEDRO Community Center, launching new or improving existing programs and activities. The participants of this lecture and workshop were also encouraged to give suggestions, ideas, define priority needs, encourage active involvement, but also to start their own programs, projects and activities on the same principles.

The leader of the lecture and workshop was the President of the Cluster for Eco-Social Innovation and Development of CEDRA, Mr. Ranko Milić.

The content of the activity was as follows:

  1. Introductory informative lecture – introduction (mutual acquaintance of participants, introduction to the JEDRO project, with planned activities, purpose and benefits of participant management, with locations and programs for which management plans should be designed, with program and methods of work);
  2. Workshop for collecting ideas related to the development of management plans by locations and programs according to the method of World Cafe;
  3. Summary and agreement for further activities, final discussion, questions and answers;

With this activity, the interested stakeholders together opened some issues that will certainly be a guide for further activities of the JEDRO project.

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