Half the way through – Stone&Sail Extravaganza 2020.

Datum objave: 30. September, 2020.

A bunch of volunteers, a group of different people from different countries just left the comfort zone of their houses and spent two weeks working hard both on the field, to give Colentum new life, and on themselves as individuals and as a group.

They achieved great results in all the jobs, becoming a strong machine that works in great synergy!

In the first week they immediately got in touch with the hard work under the guide of our long term volunteer Juan and Ivan, our artisan very well known among the community; they cleaned up the paths, took care of the bushes and built up a dry stone wall right under the three house that we built during this summer.

While the rain was trying to pull down the moral, they worked even harder, this time on themselves. Thank to the support of their mentor, Claudia, who explained them, using superheroes as analogy, they explored the true meaning of the youthpass and what kind of personal skills and competences, or superpowers if you want, they could achieve or improve in this life experience.
The main object was “learn how to learn”, so they have been sent around Murter to talk to the locals and discover a little bit the town and its history through people’s stories.

As well, they started their journey on our Feelings Map, in which each of them was represented by a supboard with a wire, that had to travel between islands of Enthusiasm, Fear, Confusion, Satisfaction etc.., leaving behind the mark of their personal evolution. Now it looks like a messy tangle of threads and emotions, but only they know what it meant passing through all of them.

In the end of the first week they held an international dinner, in which each of them participated in giving to the others a taste of their culture, useless to say it was a funny and yummy experience!

Tho the rain put some challenges in front of all of us, we still managed to keep going with our tasks, show must go on and Jugo is not stopping us!
To prepare them for the Latinsko Idro 2020 regatta event, they have been asked to find out the main events of their own countries and present them to the others, to share memories, advises and collect new ideas for the event we were waiting for!

Last few days have been completely filled with the real preparations for regatta, they helped the organizers from carrying out the most practical tasks to the most creative ones, building up an amazing photo booth to cheer up the pictures of the event!

We witnessed their personal growth and team building enforcement and, now that we are in half of our journey, we can only imagine which and how many great successes will be at the end!

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