End of the adventure – Stone&Sail Extravaganza 2020.

Datum objave: 13. October, 2020.

We finally got to this day, the last day of this 2020 Stone&Sail Extravaganza project, in which every new emotion felt, each single thought exchanged and skill acquired are a heavy item to fit into the luggage to take back home.

Bodies are tired of all the hard work that was done in these weeks, minds are confused; as one of them said «I just realize now that tomorrow we are leaving, I’m not ready for it! » [cit. Julia, polish volunteer], and it’s always like that, when you get involved in a whirlwind of new experiences, you lose contact with your previous reality and you enter a timeless bubble; when that bubble pops, makes the awareness of everything that has been learned and experienced fall upon you and that changes you, forever.
None of them will be the same after this experience, as much as Murter won’t! They left a great sign of their passage behind, starting from Colentum, to Raduć, to the events they helped carrying out, to each other’s lives.

As Argonauta we are enthusiastic of this group, they worked hard, compact and united, always with joy and great creativity, we are so, so proud of them!

Even this last week was filled with lots of work, we prepared and held the European Day of Languages and the port of Murter, for one morning, was submerged in an avalanche of colors, flags, flavors and musics from all over the countries our volunteers came from; there were unique dances, delicious tastings and discoveries of the strangest languages expressions of each country. It has been a beautiful experience to share and learn, obviously always with loads of fun.

The last day was also particularly emotional for all of us, first they met one last time in Colentum and they personally placed each one a stone, their own stone, in the wall and hugged Ive, their wise guide for the whole building process, for one last time.

After that we moved to Betina, were an artisan was in the middle of the process of building a wooden monument, dedicated to each and every Argonauta’s volunteer that in these years put all their efforts to build up the beauties that still nowadays we can enjoy, around Murter. The volunteers used a pyrography pen to write down their names on it and the ones of their predecessors, to make it even more meaningful.

Finally, after one full month, loaded with satisfying memories, new acquired skills and renewed enthusiasm, we said goodbye, leaving them the space to greet this small town, which, as with everyone, welcomed them with kindness and made them fall in love a little at a time.

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