Raduč releases new views.

Datum objave: 14. October, 2020.

An area that previously served as military installations. A set of trails to enjoy a pleasant walk. Exciting more than 300 meters of tunnel and dark rooms to browse. Stunning views towards Kornati from the lookouts. It is an area at the top of one of the hills that Murter inhabit. And all these images could be the first ideas that come to mind when Raduč is mentioned on the island.

As a context for this text, we are in the middle of a month-long project in which we brought together volunteers from Portugal, France, Poland, Turkey and Croatia. They come to Murter to enjoy its enviable nature, soak up its culture, learn a new language, meet new people, and countless reasons that have brought them here. One of the main ones is to contribute in the jobs that are usually carried out year after year on the island by foreign volunteers. Usually, physical works for the conservation of the historical and natural heritage, enhance the attractiveness of the island’s attributes and promote Murter.

The work on heritage in Murter was divided into two areas: Colentum and Raduc, this last one being the place where special expectations were centered. It was exciting to start working in certain areas where no maintenance had been done before. Nature had taken over an area that has been abandoned for many years. The main mission was to discover what was under all that vegetation and show at a glance what was in everyday use so long ago. With a very interesting potential to explore.

Let’s do it!

We needed to draw up a strategy to significantly improve the outlook at Raduc. It was clear that efforts had to be focused on areas. Mainly, by buildings. The first day we focus on Officer’s home. The access to the building was completely covered by bushes, scrub and stones that had been dislodged over the years. We divided the tasks into teams, some would do gardening work inside the building, others would clear the passage to the main entrance of the building, while the rest of the group had to discover the stairs that could be sensed under all that brush. After just one day of work, the results were visible: you could use the stairs, enter through the main entrance of the building and walk inside the building.

Map of the military facilities on Raduč

On the second day, and after the progress of the previous day, we decided to tackle the second phase of the project. It consisted of clearing the area that comprises the area between Officer’s home and Kitchen. This part was full of scrub, it was even dangerous to walk as there are holes in the ground. These holes are a kind of chimney of the building we are walking on. I mean, we are stepping on the roof. It should be noted that, from this day on, we had the help of Miro and his chainsaw, which allowed the results to be obtained much faster and, above all, to be more remarkable. Thanks to their work, we were able to trim the branches of the large trees and cut all the surrounding scrub. Everything that Miro cut, you just had to pick it up and pile it up. During this day, we were still working in Officer’s home with the mission of continuing to discover the main access stairs to the building. We soon realized that under the grass and stones there was no pavement, so we decided to simply get a visual upgrade to make it nice and practicable.

On the third and last day we spent most of the time in the area between Barracks and Kitchen. Here the work consisted mainly of completely clearing the stairs that connect the Officer’s home and Barracks, and again exploring what was under the grass to discover a possible way to the top of the Kitchen. Again with the help of Miro, the work went faster than expected: the stairs that connect the mentioned parts were cleaned of stones and dirt, the part of the chimneys is not dangerous to walk, and the trees of the Officer’s home were cut down, without being completely cut down, only lower branches. Even the surroundings were cleared of brush and small bushes.

Volunteers working on the access to the Officer’s home

It is also worth highlighting the work carried out in the tunnel viewpoints. Maintenance tasks have been carried out, collecting the garbage and trimming the bushes and brush that flooded them. Now this area has also been cleaner.

Expectations exceeded

The results are more than visible: the buildings are completely passable without danger. The stairs that connect the different zones are easily accessible. The part of the chimneys has been completely uncovered. The trees throughout the area show a renewed and decorative look, while still composing a natural panorama. As a final result: stunning views and an area that now opens up new possibilities to enjoy Raduč. Just by walking around, many ideas arise to exploit an area that was not even visible before.

Result after works on the access to the Officer’s home

All of the above has been a great job, in which we have all worked to the point of exhaustion, and of which we should be very proud. So, we have to say “thank you very much” to all people involved in the project, and a special thanks to those who hard-worked in the field. Now, whoever goes up to Raduč, has the possibility of enjoying something that was not possible before. Raduč opens new views, and this must be celebrated!

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