Interactive educational workshop, held as part of the DC Jedro project.

Datum objave: 16. October, 2020.

On Thursday, October 15, 2020, was held an interactive educational workshop (2.1.2.) on the topic of examples of good practice of participatory management of public spaces using the case study method.

The aim of this workshop was to encourage participants to think about the topics of participatory management in order to include best practices in the strategic management plan of DC JEDRO (and other public spaces in the Municipality of Murter-Kornati) to encourage learning by working on specific, locally relevant example.

The workshop was led by architect Miranda Veljačić, one of the founders of Platform 9,81, an association for research in architecture, which through its work regularly participates as an organizer or participant in various architectural, activist, research and artistic projects. Ms. Veljačić also included panelists in the discussion; Nena Kolak from PlatFORma Hvar, Tea Petričević from ACT Group, Čakovec and Davor Mišković from the Association of Molecules, Rijeka.

Apart from them, this online workshop was attended by partners and associates of the JEDRO project who could learn first hand how the process of establishing social / cultural centers in Čakovec, Rijeka and Hvar and the challenges faced by panelists who were one of the the initiator of these centers.

The workshop opened many valuable questions for the DC JEDRO project itself, to which answers could be heard from the experiences of various other environments that have already gone through the process of establishing social / cultural centers. Valuable contacts have been established, which will be useful to us during the further implementation of the DC JEDRO project.

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