Patrol workshop held: Is the sea acidic?.

Datum objave: 19. October, 2020.

Organized by the Argonauts Association as the holder of the Blue Eco-Patrol project and the Local Action Group “Sea 249” and other project partners, within the “Pilot implementation of the Blue Eco-Patrol educational program” in the school year 2020/2021, 17 October 2020, the seventh educational online workshop for students from 5th to 8th grade, was held entitled Is the sea acidic?

The goals of the seventh educational workshop were as follows: to raise awareness of the negative consequences of our actions that contribute to global warming, acidification of the sea and endangered species on the planet, to write messages of hope to visualize the desired world in 2030 and understand the necessary steps, encourage responsibility and engagement in reducing the environmental footprint.

The implementation of the seventh educational workshop was preceded by a coordination meeting with local coordinators who distributed packets with materials for the implementation of the workshop to the patrol-children upon arrival at the school. In addition, the patrols received instructions and information on what the educational workshop meant and informed the parents about its holding.

The educational workshop had the following activities:

  1. How the Earth feels – patrol-children
  2. Is the sea acidic?
  3. Accepted hypothesis and consequences of acidification
  4. Food network – watch the video
  5. Postcards of hope
  6. Evaluation.

The workshop Is the sea acidic took place in the virtual world in six primary schools, while the local coordinator from the Primary School Vjekoslav Kaleb-Tisno was able to hold an educational workshop with patrols taking into account all epidemiological measures and instructions of competent authorities (National Headquarters, Ministry science and education).

Patrols-children continued to be the main actors in the activities of the educational workshop, which contributed to the fact that they understood the importance of responsible behavior towards nature and that their actions succeeded in creating changes and encouraging the thinking of their family and fellow citizens.

The project “Blue Eco-patrol” started on June 1, 2019 and lasts 22 months, and is co-financed through the Swiss-Croatian cooperation program in the amount of HRK 1,152,000.00, while its total value is HRK 1,280,000.00.

Eighth educational workshop Traveling exhibition: Life in the depths of the Adriatic is underway and will last until November 27, 2020, which concludes the implementation of educational workshops, after which we will evaluate them and write the Manual. Follow us on the Blue Eco-Patrol website and the Blue Eco-Patrol Facebook page.

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