Discover Kornati – the “INHERIT” project.

Datum objave: 21. October, 2020.

Yesterday, 20.10.2020, our long term volunteers, Eleonora and Juan, had the opportunity to partecipate to a new born experience. The Ministry of Tourism, as a partner of Interreg Mediterrean, co-financed by EU and together with the Public Institution NP Kornati and stakeholders, developed the project “INHERIT – SUSTAINABLE TOURISM STRATEGIES FOR CONSERVATION AND VALORIZATION OF THE NATURAL HERITAGE OF THE COASTAL AND MARITIME AREA OF THE MEDITERRANEAN”.

Traveling with a fast boat, they have been able to cross the sea in a very short time and get to the Kornati National Park. Crossing hundreds beautiful islands, they stopped on the main one, which gives the name to the archipelago: Kornat.

After disembarking, they were greeted by some locals, who offered a taste of home-made products on the island, such as fig and almond honey and various types of a typical Croatian liqueur, rakija.

Once energized, it was time for the team to move in the direction of the olive fields, walking through suggestive paths, surrounded by dry stone walls, immersed in a nature as hard as it is fascinating.

Once the nets were spread under the trunk of the trees, the harvest began. It was a moment to relax the mind and connect with nature, and to closely observe the origin of a product of such common use, yet extraordinary, like olive oil.

After a small refreshment organized on the spot, made up of rigorously homemade tastings, the group returned to the docking area, where a delicious fish-based lunch was waiting for them.

With a pleasant return trip, under a warm October sun, this magnificent experience has ended successfully.

Reported below, the comments of the two volunteers.

Eleonora «It was my first experience in the Kornati and, as I expected, I was completely captured by the beauty of these islands, by the strength with which nature resists such a dry and hostile climate and by the life that continues to explode, not caring about the difficulties, producing an amazing contrast of colors and emotions. Even the visit by boat alone would have been enough to make me ecstatic, but the whole experience was simply extraordinary. From getting in touch with the locals, who were wonderfully hospitable, to the delicious tastings and, finally, the olive harvest. For me, despite having a degree in agriculture, it was the first time I had the opportunity to carry out this activity and it was a fun and relaxing experience, but above all it made me feel useful and part of something. It is definitely an experience that I would gladly repeat and that I highly recommend to everyone!»

Juan « The idea of picking olives itself, can sound simple, and maybe not even attractive. But when you contextualize it, it becomes an exciting experience that you want to carry out. Travel by boat to Kornati, contemplate the natural landscapes of the islands, to explore their fauna, to pick the olives, try and taste olives, olive oil, squids and Rakija homemade. And overall, to share these moments by the hand of local people that live surrounded by all this. That’s what make the difference, creating a full day experience that is totally worth.»

Find more about it clicking here.

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