Music playroom as part of the Sail project.

Datum objave: 17. November, 2020.

Yesterday, October 16, 2020, as part of the calendar of the future Social Center Jedro, the partner association of the Jedro project, KUU Zaokret, held a music workshop for our youngest in the Yellow Cinema Hall. The workshop dealt with the topic of autumn through sounds and in it the children reflected on questions such as: What color is autumn? What flavors? Smell? Sounds? What do they like most in the fall above all? Why?

After interesting children’s answers, they were introduced to somewhat unusual and new instruments. After touching them, trying them out and satisfying their curiosity, the children learned how to use them and combine them with each other in a way that together with the workshop leader they produced an instrumental song of rain and storm. Each child had their own little role in this performance and so a real little orchestra was created.

According to the children’s reactions, the scheduled 30 minutes for the workshop passed too quickly and that is why the children agreed with the leader that they would hang out with the music again, as early as next month.

This activity was organized by our association in cooperation with the association KUU Zaokret and in the implementation all current epidemiological measures and recommendations were respected.

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