Interactive workshop (2.1.1.) held as part of the JEDRO project.

Datum objave: 23. November, 2020.

On Thursday, November 19, 2020, in the Cinema Hall Žut in Murter, an activity (2.1.1.) was held as part of the JEDRO project entitled “Development of needs, opportunities and interests of stakeholders for the management of publicly owned premises.” The leaders of this activity were architects Miranda Veljačić and Dinko Peračić, founders of Platform 9,81, an association for research in architecture who through their work regularly participate as organizers or participants in various architectural, activist, research and artistic projects. The participants of this meeting were important stakeholders and users of the public space of the Municipality of Murter-Kornati, ie representatives from the Municipality of Murter-Kornati, the Port Authority, the utility company Murtela, TZO Murter-Kornati and others who use the municipal building.

The first part of the meeting was reserved for an introductory lecture and acquaintance of participants with examples of different public spaces and architectural solutions as well as introduction to the terminology that needed to be mastered for the successful implementation of the workshop. One of the conclusions of the first part of the lecture was the space of the social center as an important factor in directing users to each other, ie the space that connects people, and at the same time meets all the needs of its users.

The second part of the lecture took the form of a dialogue between participants and architects, in which the architects-leaders of the workshop asked each participant whether the current space meets their needs and how the Murter-Kornati Municipality building could be optimally reorganized.

All stakeholder commented and the comments have been recorded and as such will serve for further reflection and activities related to research and mapping of community needs and potentials using the methods and principles of participatory governance.

In the implementation of this activity, all current epidemiological measures and recommendations were followed.

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