Media workshop “Fake news”.

Datum objave: 27. November, 2020.

On Friday, November 27, 2020, the eighth grade students of the Murterski Elementary School had the opportunity to reflect on fake news at an interactive media workshop called “Fake news”, as part of the calendar of the future Social Center Jedro.

We live in a time of “copy-paste news” coming to us at an incredible rate. Many of these news items are not checked at all before being published, which can result in the creation of a false image of reality, panic, distortion of facts, extraction from context.

At the beginning of the workshop, students were divided into four groups and each group received one piece of news. After the reading, a representative of each group was asked to present their news. After all the presentations, students were asked which news they thought was fake. After a short discussion and selection of fake news, the students were shown a video that revealed to them what the fake news was.

Questions for discussion followed at the end of the workshop; Why journalists do not verify the truth of the news? Why is fake news often placed on purpose? What should we do to be sure of the accuracy of some news?

The workshop was conducted in accordance with all current epidemiological measures and recommendations, and was organized and led by the project leader DC Jedro, the Argonauta Association.

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