Datum objave: 25. February, 2021.

On Thursday, 25.2. In 2021, another in a series of meetings/workshops was held to design opportunities for cooperation on better use of public property in the Municipality of Murter-Kornati for the beach Colentum.

Stakeholders participated in the workshop; Murter-Kornati Municipality, Murter-Kornati Tourist Board, Murterski škoji Primary School, JEDRO project partner associations, local tourist agencies and restaurants, and others who could give their relevant thoughts on better participatory use of the beach / Colentum Archaeological Park.

At the beginning of the meeting, Ivana Marin from the Argonaut Association greeted everyone present and invited them to participate in this meeting/workshop through the prism of visitors/buyers as well as through the prism of sellers/service providers – “What I buy, what I offer”. After that, the representative of the Municipality of Murter-Kornati Luka Ježina presented Colentum through previous achievements and long-term plans. In this part of the meeting, the participants were able to find out that so far an archaeological research has been conducted on this site on 1100m2 of beach and that conservation of the found ancient walls has been made. What is still planned for this beach / archeological park is arranging an educational trail on the beach, arranging an underwater educational trail, creating a visual identity for Colentum, creating a multimedia guide with AR / VR technology, and establishing the so-called PRODUCT CLUB (multisectoral networking).

After a presentation on what has been done so far and further plans, the development director of the Argonaut association presented the approved project “Flavors from Amphora” associated with the site Colentum as well as a newly established social enterprise. This ended the first part of the meetings and participants were invited to divide into smaller groups to brainstorm ideas using the method presented to them; using the “4 in 4” method, the members of each group designed products/services that they could jointly offer on Colentum beach and thus contribute to the valorization and use of this public space.
Each member of the group was invited to present the best / most concrete ideas and to select one or two ideas within the team to announce according to the template given to them.

The main question that the participants were supposed to be guided by was “How can my association/organization/institution/craft participate in the cluster?”

After the workshop part of the meetings and a short break, each team presented its product/service to other participants who listened to them from the customer’s perspective and thus gave their criticisms and suggestions.

In this way, we came up with really interesting ideas for the possibilities of potential collaborations on the use of Colentum beach.

The meeting/workshop was held at the Educational Center, Hrvatske vladara 47 in Murter, in compliance with all epidemiological measures and recommendations.

This activity is part of the implementation of the DC Jedro project financed from the European Social Fund (85%) and grants provided from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia (15%) with a total value of HRK 1,999,243.34.

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