Datum objave: 25. March, 2021.

Organized by the Argonauts Association as the holder of the project “Blue Eco-Patrol” and project partner, the Municipality of Murter-Kornati, Primary School Murterski škoji-Murter and Local Action Group “More 249” March 24, 2021, at the Primary School Murterski škoji in Murter The final conference of the project “Blue Eco-patrol – an extracurricular educational program for sustainable development in coastal and island local communities of Šibenik-Knin County intended for primary schools” was held. The final conference briefly presented the project from the very beginning, highlighted the main results of the project, and jointly painted the Friends’ Bench, which will serve as a permanent reminder of the project and the importance of its sustainability.

The conference was attended by representatives of child patrols from primary schools that participated in the project (Brodarica Elementary School, Murterski škoji-Murter Elementary School, Pirovac Elementary School, Primošten Elementary School, Rogoznica Elementary School, Vjekoslav Kaleb-Tisno Elementary School, and Vodice Elementary School). led children-patrols through educational workshops, principals of the schools involved, and representatives of parents and volunteers on the project. In addition to them, the final conference was attended by representatives of stakeholders and project partners.

After the introductory speech of the host, a short film with a cross-section of the entire project “Blue Eco-Patrol” was presented, after which Luka Ježina as a representative of Murter-Kornati and Ivana Fink, director of Murterski škoji, stressed the importance of this project. and Šibenik-Knin County, as well as for new generations of eco-literate and sustainability-aware children. Krešimir Crljen, local coordinator of Primošten Elementary School, shared his experience of project implementation, stressed the enthusiasm of children with the project, and pointed out their eager anticipation for the continuation of activities described in the manual “Blue Eco-Patrol”.

As co-authors of the manual, each local coordinator was ceremoniously presented with a copy of the “Blue Eco-Patrol – a manual for the implementation of an extracurricular educational program for sustainable development” as one of the main results of the project. At the very end, the children-patrolmen were invited to jointly paint the last bench that will stand in front of the “Educational Center for Sustainable Development of Islands and Coasts of Šibenik-Knin County”, renovated and adapted through the project. Other Friendly benches were set up in all seven that participated in the implementation of the project to be a constant reminder of the togetherness and values ​​that unite child patrols.

“This is just the formal end of the Blue Eco Patrol project,” said project manager Ivana Marin and project coordinator Mirta Srdarev, who believe in its sustainability and added:

“500 printed copies of the Blue Eco-Patrol manual have been distributed from Dubrovnik to Istria and we believe that it will provide a good example for launching the Blue Eco-Patrol educational program and thus encourage children and indirectly adults to protect nature and the environment and act on sustainable principles. development. ”Project Coordinator, Mirta Srdarev.

“Our project started with a group of 20 children of patrols from Murter and grew to 162 children who participated in this project. Metaphorically speaking, we have planted over 160 seeds, and who knows how many small patrol forests await us in the future. ”Project leader, Ivana Marin.

The Blue Eco-Patrol project started on June 1, 2019, lasted for 22 months and was co-financed through the Swiss-Croatian Cooperation Program in the amount of HRK 1,152,000.00, while its total value is HRK 1,280,000.00.

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