We employ within the measure “Public work”.

Piše: Marisol Navarro — 8. April, 2021.

Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the Promotion of Sustainable Development of the Argonauts, Market Society
seoske izobražanosti bb, HR-22 243 Murter is announcing
for employment for a definite period of time by implementing the measure “Public work” of Croatia
Employment Bureau – PUBLIC WORKS

I. The subject of the Public Invitation is the establishment of a fixed-term employment relationship
performing work on the implementation of socially useful work to the extent of public works on
the area of ​​Murter in 2021 for 4 program executors (2 in each program), and all
according to the measures of the Croatian Employment Service in 2021. All information, respectively
the possibility of using public work is available at the link http://mjere.hr/mjere/javni-rad/
II. Description of activities in public work:

  1. Program: “From Straca to Borsa”
  • Sewing canvas bags from old T-shirts
  • Sewing masks from donated materials
  • They distributed free bags and masks to the citizens
  • Participated in other activities of the association with the aim of promoting reuse
    subjects – upcycling and contractual behavior of individuals towards nature and the environment

2. Program: “Happy Gardener”

  • Clean the public spaces of Colentum and Raduča from waste
  • Prune plants
  • Who are you
  • Assist in arranging drywall
  • Assistance in setting up educational installations (birdhouses, signposts, etc.)
    III. The planned implementation of the Public Works Program is 6 months, and the beginning of public work
    will be determined in agreement with the Croatian Employment Service.
    IV. Candidates are required to submit:
    Handwritten written application for public invitation with personal data and contact
    by phone or mobile phone number,
    Copy of ID card,
    V. Candidates may submit the required documentation in the form of uncertified copies.
    A valid application is considered to be one that contains all the required information.
    A candidate who has not submitted a timely and orderly application or does not meet the formal requirements
    invitation, is not considered a candidate registered for the public invitation.
    Candidates who meet the formal requirements of the competition will be invited for an interview.
    It is considered that the candidate who did not attend the interview withdrew the application for the competition and no longer did
    considered a candidate.
    Candidates will be notified of the election within 45 days from the date of adoption
    selection decisions.
    The Argonauta Association reserves the right to cancel the tender without explanation.
    YOU. The deadline for submitting candidate applications is 8 (eight) days from the announcement of the competition
    bulletin board of the Croatian Employment Service, Šibenik Regional Office.
    Applications must be submitted by e-mail to the e-mail address: mail@argonauta.hr or by mail to
    address of the Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the Promotion of Sustainable Development of the Argonauts, Pijaca
    Društva seoske izobražanosti bb, HR-22 243 Murter, with the indication – application for the tender through
    measure – Public work.
    Applications received after this deadline will not be considered valid.

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