Let’s discover the magic of Lokve!.

Datum objave: 17. May, 2021.

Organized by the Argonauts Association as the holder of the project “Let the Pond Live” in the school year 2020/2021, on Friday, May 14, the first of a total of six educational workshops for students from 5th to 7th grade of primary school was held. the magic of Lokve!

The goals of the first educational workshop were the following: to awaken love for nature, wetlands and ponds; to raise awareness of the importance of our senses; to be aware of the impact of human negligence on the waste it generates and to encourage the preservation of the environment through its own engagement for man and other living beings.

The following activities were realized in the first educational workshop:

  1. Playing Ball Memory
  2. Awakening of the senses
  3. Exploring Lokve with aroused senses
  4. Photograph of the day
  5. Garbage collection and water sampling
  6. Let’s use our sense of sight and draw each other
  7. Evaluation – Smart fingers

With the Smart Ball, the participants broke the ice, got to know each other, played with each other, and awakened teamwork, which is one of the main messages of the project: Together we are stronger and together we can do a lot.

In the second activity, the participants reflected on the senses with which they experience the world. They noticed their importance and their great role in our lives. By talking in a circle, they noticed that we are all different and that we experience the same things in different ways.

After awakening the senses, the participants in the third activity walked and explored Lokva with the senses of sight, hearing, smell, and touch. Analyzing the filled tables, they noticed that they felt stimuli on Lokva that they had not felt for a long time, as well as that they could pay attention to each other to something they had not noticed themselves.

Using the sense of sight, in the fourth activity, the task of the participants was to individually find the most beautiful shot of Lokve, and to photograph it with the aim of creating an album called “Life of Lokve”, which will consist of several different photos of the same shot.

While photographing Lokva, they noticed debris. Therefore, the fifth activity was realized in the form of collecting it. They ransacked every corner of the pond, and filled a large bag of styrofoam, plastic bags, cables, discarded things. They also found an old pot that they decided to use again, and at the next workshop turned it into a vase in which to plant the plant. At the end of the activity, they collected water samples in jars, which they will observe with a microscope at the next workshop and compare with direct water from Lokva.

In the sixth activity, the participants drew each other, which gave them the first sheet in their folder in which they will collect all the materials they collect during this project.

The last activity was evaluation. They drew their hand on paper and wrote in each finger the answers to the questions related to the workshop.

The project “And let Lokva live” started on March 26, 2021, and lasts until September 30, 2021, and is co-financed by WWF Adria in the amount of HRK 18,500.00, while its total value is HRK 24,050.00.

We have 5 more educational workshops ahead of us – Flora Flora and Fauna, Preservation of Island Wetlands, Increasing Lokva Biodiversity, Filming, and Lectures to Teachers.

We look forward to all the upcoming educational workshops and activities within the project! Until then, follow us on the Facebook page “And long live Lokva”, at the link https://www.facebook.com/jezerska.lokva.

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