Annual meeting of participants of the European Solidarity Force program and organizations with the Quality Label.

Datum objave: 28. May, 2021.

On 21 and 22 May, the Chillout Hotel in Zagreb hosted the Annual Meeting for European Solidarity Force participants who completed the project last year, organized by the Mobility Agency and EU programs responsible for implementing the program in Croatia.

Argonauta has been participating in youth mobility programs since 2011, and is a regular visitor to the Annual Meetings of organizations. As before, this year was very interesting, useful and working. Representatives of a number of associations and institutions spent two days actively discussing the topic of raising quality and supply for long-term and short-term ESS volunteers.

Through interesting and informal activities, the representatives of the associations networked with each other, shared positive and negative experiences with which they worked together to come up with the best and most effective solutions. In addition to experiences, useful precautionary tips were shared to avoid possible problems in advance.

In parallel with the meeting of representatives of associations and institutions, there was a meeting of volunteers who, with quality leadership, gathered the experience gained during short-term or long-term, national or international volunteering. To complete the story, the Agency provided an opportunity for representatives and volunteers to meet firsthand to hear what their experiences were, what was good for them, and what should be improved.

The Mobility Agency met all expectations this year as well and raised the level of meetings to an even higher level. We believe that all participants went their separate ways after the meeting, enriched with new ideas, information, and increased motivation for even more effort and work. Argonaut certainly is!

You can read more about the meeting at the link:

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