Underwater cleaning action held in Marina Betina.

Datum objave: 29. May, 2021.

BETINA May 29, 2021 – Organized by the Association for Nature and Environmental Protection and Promoting Sustainable Development of Argonauts and Marina Betina and in cooperation with diving clubs UPA Rostrum – Split and RK Sv. Roko – Bibinje, an act of cleaning the seabed was held in the Marina Betina.

The action of cleaning the seabed in Marina Betina gathered over 20 divers from the diving clubs UPA Rostrum – Split and RK Sv. Roko – Bibinje and about 10 volunteers from the Association of Argonauts and Marina Betina helped from the mainland, while the utility company Ježinac d.o.o. participated in the disposal of collected waste.

In the cleaning action, a significant amount of waste was found, and the president of UPA Rostrum, Ivan Živković, told us what was under the sea:

The situation was more or less expected for one ACI marina, we mostly found parts of the boat’s equipment, there were a lot of awnings, ropes, sequins, tires that probably served as fenders, then transport carts and unfortunately a lot of bottles of fine drinks that people they were obviously too lazy to dump it in the trash and that’s how it ended up in the sea. “

Zdenka Vrgoč from RK Sv. Said more about the goal of the underwater cleaning actions.

“I think that the goal of all these actions is mostly to make people aware of how much garbage there is under the sea and how much damage it actually does to the sea, and therefore to all of us. Also, the goal is to make our children aware not to behave like this, but to be environmentally aware, to protect the sea and thus improve our lives. “

The director of Marina Betina, Boris Ninić, did not hide his satisfaction with the cleaning action and announced that from now on these actions could become traditional:

“The action went great and I thank all the participants from the bottom of my heart. We have collected a lot of garbage and I hope that this will become a traditional cleaning action in the Betina Marina. “

The Argonauts Association announces that this summer they will continue to organize underwater cleaning campaigns along the Adriatic, in cooperation with many diving clubs from Croatia and thank all volunteers for their contribution to protecting what we live from and what we all enjoy – our Adriatic Sea!

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