Contribution to sustainable development through the project TANGRAM – PARTICIPATING GROUPS AND TRANSNATIONAL TANGRAM NETWORK.

Datum objave: 11. June, 2021.


Participatory workshops will include local stakeholders from the Murter area who will be active stakeholders in proposing actions, activities and concrete proposals for the protection, valorization and promotion of natural resources in the direction of sustainable and green tourism development. Stakeholders involved will be representatives from the public sector, then private tourism entities and related activities, experts in sustainable development and tourism marketing, but also representatives of civil society and their organizations.


The aim of the participatory workshops is to determine how to improve the tourist offer and define a strategic plan for the entire Adriatic-Ionian area (Adrion) as well as a local action plan of this territory for sustainable tourism development to achieve the goals of the TANGRAM project:

• Development of sustainable tourism that enables the inclusion of parks and gardens related to the natural and cultural heritage of the destination in the tourist offer

• Promotion of parks and gardens for each destination and the possibility of connecting with other destinations throughout the Adrion area.

• Preservation and promotion of natural resources and cultural heritage for sustainable tourism development

• Extending the tourist season that allows tourists to come all year round, not just in the summer months

• Economic development of the destination by creating new jobs

• Promoting business development through the creation of new companies and the development of existing companies


Participation in participatory workshops and in the network of the TANGRAM project represents an excellent opportunity for contribution and active participation in the process of defining the development phases of the Adriatic-Ionian territory by the main actors who are at the same time the initiators of change.


It is possible to participate in 2 ways:

• Participating in participatory workshops, ie joining working groups. A total of about 4 meetings are expected, to be held from June to November 2021.

• By supporting and signing the Agreement on Cooperation in the Transnational Network TANGRAM. Membership in this informal network is a way to more effectively consolidate participation and cooperation in the European network and to contribute to the development of sustainable tourism focused on improving nature, parks, and gardens. Membership is also a way of actively participating in the definition of the plan and its implementation.

More detailed information about the project can be found at the link: Detaljnjije informacije o projektu pronađite na linku: and

Fill out the registration form available at this link after which we will contact you for further information.

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