Datum objave: 7. July, 2021.

The summer educational project “EKO-SRIJEDA” has started on 07th July in the beach bar “Lantana”, at Čigrađa bay – Murter. This workshop was the first of eight hold by Suzana and our volunteer Costanza, through the project Social Center Jedro. The main topic of these workshops will be the beauty of Murter in the form of cultural and naturalistic heritage, and creative ways to keep this place clean and preserved. The goal of this series of meetings organized every Wednesday, in fact, is to teach children the importance of living in an environment not polluted and full of biodiversity. How? Through small creations that involve the recycling of waste material!

The first workshop opened with a mini game in which the children introduced themselves, throwing the ball in turn. After this little warm up, Suzana showed the children some ships in the dock, explaining that Murter has a rich tradition of beautiful wooden ships with big sails. She also taught that some ships can pollute the sea and that they represent a danger to the marine ecosystem.

After the explanation, the children were asked to make their own little boats from wasted wood. So, Costanza showed them how to craft them and they had fun painting the sail of paper and putting the different components together.

At the end of the workshop three little volunteers offered to give their boat in exchange for a medal painted by Costanza. These creations will be showed in an exhibition in the Center Jedro at the end of the project.

Good job guys and see you in the next eko-srijeda!

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