Datum objave: 14. July, 2021.

During the second workshop of the series “Eko-Srijeda”, we dealt with the biodiversity of our Adriatic Sea. At the beginning we talked a little about the species that live in our sea, and we were surprised to see how much our little ones know about it! However, they did not know that, according to some estimates, between 7,000 and 8,000 marine species live in the Adriatic! Unfortunately, marine species and their habitats are increasingly endangered due to wastewater, oil, waste in the sea, construction works on the coast, etc. Therefore, nowadays to protect the sea and all the species that live in it is extremely important.

For this reason, we “met” some species that live in the Adriatic, such as bonito, prince, pale cat, sardine, seahorse, mackerel, ruff, grouper, tortoise, blacksmith, sea urchin and shark. And after a game in which we got to know them better, in the creative part of the workshop we made our own shark using recycled materials!

In the picture gallery we bring you a part of the atmosphere from our second Eco Wednesday!

This activity was carried out within the calendar of the Social Center Jedro. The Jedro project is financed from the European Social Fund (85%) and grants provided from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia (15%) with a total value of HRK 1,999,243.34

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