From Rijeka to Dubrovnik “Together for a cleaner Adriatic”.

Datum objave: 22. July, 2021.

The weekend of July 24 and 25, 2021, is reserved for underwater cleaning actions in Rijeka, near the Pag Bridge, on the island of Krapanj, on the island of Korčula, and in Dubrovnik. It is no coincidence that the clubs organizing these actions chose the same weekend to clean the seabed, all of them gathered in the campaign “Together for a cleaner Adriatic” conducted by the Argonauts, funded by Procter and Gamble.

The campaign “Together for a cleaner Adriatic” aims to join forces of organizations whose mission is related to the protection of the marine environment, to remove as much waste from the Adriatic submarine, keep it clean and raise public awareness of this problem. This year, we expanded the action from last year’s three to 5 locations along the Adriatic. Thus, the association Koga briga .. from Rijeka will clean the waters of the Preluk bay between Rijeka and Opatija, the diving club Sv. Roko from Bibinje will clean the seabed around the old ferry port near the Pag bridge, Powerlifting club and RK Roniti se mora from Šibenik will clean the seabed of the island of Krapanj, ecological diving club Korcula Luka Uš, and diving club Dubrovnik seabed beaches Solitudo and Mandrać.

The campaign “Together for a cleaner Adriatic” will continue on the last weekend of August 2021, when divers from these clubs will come to Murter for the final action of cleaning the seabed, at several locations on the island of Murter, hosted by Argonaut, as host and coordinator. The “Sea Festival” is also planned for that weekend.

We wish the divers good weather and successful underwater cleaning actions, and we are looking forward to the report on the state of the sea in some locations!

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