Fifth “Eko-Srijeda”.

Datum objave: 4. August, 2021.

The fifth Eko-srijeda took place on 4th August with the theme “fish”. The workshop was held in the beach bar “Lantana”, at Čigrađa bay – Murter, and had a total of 13 young participants.

Suzana initially played an introductory game to get to know each child; later she started asking them some questions to find out which fish they knew, which ones are caught and eaten, and why they play a key role in the sea biodiversity and food chain. Then she explained to them why it is so essential to protect these animals and stop the pollution of the sea. It is necessary to always remember the importance of our actions!

Subsequently, in order to better visualize the theme of this Wednesday, the children played the memory game with cards with drawings of fish.

Finally, during the creative part of the workshop, Costanza showed the children how to make fish using pine cones collected nearby. The kids had a lot of fun painting the pinecones, attaching the fins, and creating something beautiful using nature.

Learning while having fun is the motto of our Wednesdays! Thanks and see you at the next workshop.

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