Seventh “Eko-Srijeda”.

Datum objave: 18. August, 2021.

Our penultimate workshop of the “Eko-Srijeda” series focused on a theme dear to Murter: the ancient Romans and Colentum! In fact, on the occasion of the night of Colentum – which will be held on 20.08. -, our children were introduced to a bit of history about the Romans, their armor, and the ruins that we now find in Murter.

Suzana also asked them what the purpose of the helmets was. The children discovered that they weighed 1 kg, that they were decorated with horsehair and feathers, and that they served to protect not only the head but also the neck and part of the face of the ancient Roman warriors.

After the introductory part, the children then created their own Roman helmets, using recycled paper. After having colored and decorated their helmets, Costanza showed them how to fold the paper and how to glue the various pieces. The kids had a great time and were proud of their creations!

This workshop was also a success and we look forward to seeing you for the next one!

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