Cancer is looking for his house – have you seen it?.

Datum objave: 27. August, 2021.

In cooperation with the Argonauts Association and the Tisno Public Library and Reading Room, two workshops for children were held in August 2021, entitled “My house, my friend – have you seen it?”. Children from Betina and Tisno had the opportunity to learn about the story of a small crab guard looking for its house and create their own tactile story to warn others of the importance of preserving noble peris (lat. Pinna Nobilis) and marine ecosystem.

Just a few years ago, the promenade along the Tisno waterfront served as another outdoor classroom for Argonaut Eco-patrols. There you could see a large number of periwinkles of different sizes surrounded by meadows of seagrass Posidonia (lat. Posidonia oceanica). Back then, it was not questionable whether periscopes are alive as we teach children today how they can check to see if any noble periscope shells have survived.

The story of a cancer housewife looking for her house, with whom she lives in a symbiotic relationship, is designed to educate and sensitize children to preserve the marine environment and encourage them to report the location of the noble periscope if they find it alive.

Through the tactile story, it was easier for the children to show what bisus threads are and what they are for, what its surface is, where it lives, who can live on the outer shells of shells, and that the warning sign can be valid in the sea. a protected species and you must not take it out, touch it or disturb it! ”. By creating their own tactile story, the children were given the duty to pass on the story of the periscopes and thus be the protectors of the marine ecosystem.

If you come across a periscope you think is alive while exploring the seabed, gently run your hand through the seawater just above the shell opening. The live periscope will close, taking care not to touch or disturb the individual. Report the location of the periscope that you think is alive on the Facebook page “Have you seen it?”.

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