Datum objave: 31. August, 2021.

On Thursday, August 26, a half-day workshop on active citizenship, volunteering, and socially useful work was held with the participation of employees and members of DC Jedro project partners, representatives of MI from Split, then UHPA, national professional association of Croatian travel agencies and entrepreneurs from Ventula travel.

The workshop used participatory learning methodology, ie andragogical teaching methods based on providing answers to the real needs of participants, self-direction, building on previous experiences, and creating relevant programs and content for students.

Also, the workshop focused on the experiences of participants related to active citizenship, greater visibility, and the need to involve volunteers in various initiatives and actions, as well as entrepreneurial ideas, all under the denominator of community service.

In the final part of the workshop, possible collaborations and projects based on active citizenship, volunteering, and socially useful work were discussed.

The response to the workshop was lower than expected due to the summer season and the obligations that come with it, but the participants showed great interest in these topics and were very active and engaged during the workshop.

The workshop was held at the Jedro Community Center and all epidemiological measures and recommendations were followed at the workshop.

This activity was carried out within the calendar of the Social Center Jedro. The Sail project is financed from the European Social Fund (85%) and grants provided from the State Budget of the Republic of Croatia (15%) with a total value of HRK 1,999,243.34

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