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Datum objave: 17. September, 2021.

A representative of the Argonauta Association participated in the Partnership Building Activity within the Erasmus + program in the Spanish city of Poza de la Sal from 9 to 15 September. The project is organized by the Spanish association Brujula Intercultural, with which our association has been cooperating in the field of Erasmus + projects for many years.

The project entitled “Burgos 2021: Our Heritage, Our Future” aims to connect and cooperate with European organizations working in the field of cultural, artistic, and social heritage, which in their activities are focused on working with young people. The ultimate goal of the project is to establish joint activities of gathered organizations and educational strategies based on the use of tools in the field of non-formal education, all with the aim of raising awareness of youth and cultural heritage and youth and arts and arts, traditions and culture in the future.

The activity brought together 17 participants from 13 organizations based across Europe, which organize and implement activities related to the topic. During the 7 days, the organizations worked on identifying strategies that enable young people to participate in heritage projects and activities, activities that contribute to building better relations between organizations, and shared experiences in youth work and projects that contribute to heritage protection and valorization. As part of the program, the participants also visited the city of Burgos, where the cathedral is located under the protection of UNESCO, and this year the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the construction of the cathedral is taking place. Among the many events that take place as part of the celebration of the anniversary of the construction of the cathedral, a small number of activities for children and youth. The activities of this project and its results will seek to encourage the involvement of young people in the field of cultural heritage and present it to them as a potential for building the future.

The Argonauta Association presented its example of good practice, the EVS project Drywall Extravaganza 1-5, a project that brought together 75 volunteers from several European countries in 5 editions, which encouraged the protection and valorization of the Colentum archaeological site locally, nationally, and internationally. In addition, the association presented other activities in the field of cultural heritage, which it is actively working on and implementing in cooperation with stakeholders at various levels. Participation in the PBA project Burgos 2021 will certainly result in new good cooperation with international organizations and contribute to the further development of projects of the Argonauta Association.

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