Argonauta participated in the conference “Let’s support sustainable_2021.”.

Datum objave: 25. September, 2021.

Let’s support sustainable_2021. the second is the conference of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce on the Sustainable Development Goals aimed at building a better world for all, without anyone being left out. The conference was held at the Arsen House in Šibenik, September 16 and 17, 2021, and speakers were prominent leaders in sustainability, experts in business, finance, and sustainability, experts in public policy and hacking social change, futurists, designers, communication experts, and market research experts…

The conference, which advocates “Better solutions, better habits, a better world”, was attended by the Argonauts Association, which joined the moderated discussion “Sustainability Hour” and offered its solutions for educating children on sustainability following the example of the Blue Eco-Patrol. The panel discussion was attended by employee Ivana Marin from the Argonaut Association; Dunja Mazzoco Drvar, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development; Tihana Šmitran, MaNaBu Inc .; Dijana Mijalica, Study of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources in Šibenik; Franka Bujas and student Lucija, Antun Vrančić High School; Tamara Puhovski, Impact House Consulting; Ivana Čosić, UNICEF and Tomislav Kraljević, Bestias.

The block dedicated to education for sustainable development showed the importance of understanding how today’s generations learn and acquire knowledge and skills, strengthening their ability to influence decision-makers, connecting local communities and academia in creating future occupations.

Through a selection of world-class speakers and top topics, the conference focused on what is truly important, namely a profound and comprehensive change in business, financing, and governance, as a joint package of investments in a sustainable future and changing the “tulip” approach and changing clichés. in the communication of today’s serious problems “explained the program director of the conference Andreja Pavlović, head of the Institute for Nature Protection and Landscape and president of the Association for Corporate Social Responsibility of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

See the full program and video conferencing here.

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