Piše: Costanza Lauria — 28. September, 2021.

The Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the Promotion of Sustainable Development Argonauta has published an e-booklet as a result of the youth exchange “Say NO to plastic future” and as a useful source of various ideas for a “greener” and more sustainable future without plastic.

The youth exchange called “Say NO to plastic future” took place from 14.7. to 22.7.2021. in Šibenik, where 42 participants from Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Latvia, Spain, and Portugal exchanged knowledge, experience, and points of view on how to say NO to a plastic world and how to accept individual responsibility in creating the desiderable future.

The e-booklet contains 6 interesting activities that increase the awareness and change the attitude towards nature and the environment, and you can find them here.

  1. Escape room
  2. Geocaching activity
  3. Roleplay activity – Plastics Conference
  4. Healthy habits and tips
  5. Planning “Zero waste” workshops/events
  6. Ideas for solidarity projects

With this booklet and a little enthusiasm, everyone can contribute to create a “greener” and more sustainable future, and as a first step we recommend one of the activities from the e-booklet called “Reconnect with nature” which you can find here. After the activity, the idea is to send it to three friends and invite them to do the same – Pay it forward! 🙂

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