Children’s language playroom.

Datum objave: 29. September, 2021.

On the occasion of the European Day of Languages, which is celebrated on September 26, the Matica hrvatska branch in Murter organized a children’s language playroom on the topic of the Italian language. She hosted a volunteer from the Argonauts Association, who comes from Italy, thus giving the children the opportunity to meet the native speaker of that country. The children’s language playroom was held on September 27 starting at 6 pm in DC JEDRO for 1 hour.

At the beginning of this workshop, the coordinator marked the European Day of Languages ​​by revealing interesting data and facts related to languages ​​in the world through 5 questions and their cooperation in communication with her. After that, together with the volunteer, she divided the children into three groups that gave themselves a name and the games started! The first game was about vocabulary and sentence matching, the second was about numbers, and the third was about connecting words and drawing cards.

The aim of this workshop was to renew the Italian language at the beginning of the new school year, but also an opportunity to learn something new. The OMHM coordinator and the Argonaut volunteer jointly designed the games and made the necessary materials for the workshop, as well as conducted research on European Language Day.

This activity was carried out within the calendar of the JEDRO social center and all epidemiological measures and recommendations were followed.

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