Evaluation of the “Blue Project” within the focus group.

Datum objave: 5. October, 2021.

Argonauta Association was selected to present its project “Blue Project – Contribution to the Development of DKU at VFSZ” in the focus group as part of the evaluation of the Operational Program “Effective Human Resources” 2014-2020, Group 4: Evaluation of Priority Axis 4 “Good Governance “. The evaluation was conducted for the needs of the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family, and Social Policy, and is conducted by WYG savjetovanje d.o.o. and MAP Savjetovanja d.o.o.

The “Blue Project” was presented in the focus group for the call “Support to the Development of Partnerships between Civil Society Organizations and Higher Education Institutions for the Implementation of Socially Beneficial Learning Programs”. The topic of the focus group was the relevance of this call for the needs of civil society, presentation of project results, analysis of the implementation process, sustainability of results, and the like. In the focus group lasting 2 hours, we had the opportunity to present their suggestions and comments for planning a call within the future financial period 2021-2027.

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