Action 3 for 1 – for a cleaner marine environment and marine habitats.

Datum objave: 19. October, 2021.

It is always a great pleasure for us to contribute to a cleaner environment of our island of Murter, and when other organizations come to our aid along the way, the satisfaction is greater and the results better! This is exactly how we conducted the last underwater cleaning campaign for this year – at the invitation of the Biom Association from Zagreb, on October 16 we conducted an underwater cleaning campaign in Murter, and the Murter-Kornati Diving Club helped us organize the campaign.

The action was carried out in the area of ​​the beach and the bay of Luka in Murter. A dozen divers from the Murter-Kornati Diving Club, with the help of volunteers from the mainland associations Argonaut and Biom and volunteers on ships, removed about 4 cubic meters of waste from the sea in an hour. It was mostly large waste (parts of ships, car tires, larger pieces of plastic and iron…), while less waste from the sea was much less, and the reason for this is the frequent cleaning of the seabed in this area and relatively clean seabed. It is especially important that there is very little new waste in the sea, mostly waste that has been at the bottom of the sea for a long time, which tells us that the education we conduct has an effect and how people today care more about the environment.

While the divers were preparing for the dive, the volunteers of the Biom and Argonaut associations used the time to get acquainted and together, in less than half an hour, cleaned the port beach from a total of 1282 cigarette butts! This number is only a small part of what is hidden among the pebbles of this and many other beaches on our coast, and it is certainly necessary to move in the direction of raising awareness about this type of environmental pollution.

The action was carried out as part of the Biom-Eastern Adriatic Monk Seal project, whose main goal for the Eastern Adriatic is to obtain more information and knowledge about the state of the Mediterranean seal and its potentially adequate habitats and define appropriate recommendations for their protection. We thank the association Biom for choosing us to organize the action of cleaning the seabed and RK Murter-Kornati for participating in the organization and implementation of the action.

The waste collected on the action was disposed of by the utility company Murtela d.o.o.

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