Stone & Sail Extravaganza 2021 has started!.

Datum objave: 19. October, 2021.

Since last week, Murter has been home to 10 young volunteers from Poland, France, Spain, and Bulgaria for a month. The goal of their visit is the Stone & Sail Extravaganza project implemented through the program of the European Solidarity Force with the financial support of the European Union and organized by our Association for Nature and Environmental Protection and promoting sustainable development of Argonauta.

The idea for this project came from the rich experience of our association in implementing volunteer programs as well as successfully promoting knowledge and raising awareness of the values ​​of cultural/archaeological heritage as a common European value and its potential in terms of sustainable development of rural communities.

The aim of this project is to contribute to raising awareness and encouraging public interest in the importance of preserving and valorizing local historical and cultural heritage, namely the archaeological site Colentum, a former military complex on Mount Raduč and a rich and long tradition of maritime culture and sailing on the Latin sail.

In particular, volunteers will spend the next month in Murter arrange access roads and promenades on Raduč, clean Colentum beach of branches, apply a new layer of paint on benches, lookout and famous swing, learn about the tradition of Latin sail, visit the Museum of Betina wooden shipbuilding, promote local cultural heritage in their home countries… In addition, volunteers will dedicate part of their time to older people in the local community and help them with work in their olive groves now that we are in the heart of the olive season.

An important item of this project is connecting with the local community and promoting the opportunities and benefits of volunteering, as well as the realization that working together and invested energy can make many strides, which later results in visible results for the mutual benefit of both volunteers and local communities. this project.

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