Datum objave: 21. October, 2021.

The Project “Do you See ME?”, hosted by Argonauta for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and promotion of sustainable development, resulted in a short film made by the participants of the young exchange from Portugal, Poland, Macedonia, Croatia and Iceland. The aim was informing the public about prejudices, stereotypes and the project itself.

The youth exchange “Do you See ME ?!”, funded through the Erasmus+ program, took place from the 1st to 10th of October 2021 in Šibenik. Here, the participants, through informal methods, raised awareness of their own prejudices and stereotypes, discussed them and offered different ways to communicate, break down and eventually take new positions.
In order to get a clearer picture of the society and prejudices that different individuals and groups deal with, the participants visited the association MOST from Split and the Center for Autism Split. They heard what their daily problems are, but also the joys they experience working with vulnerable groups. That pushed them to keep their effort with society, system, and prejudices.

Einstein’s statement that a prejudice is harder to break than an atom was not empirically proven by exchange participants, but they felt firsthand how prejudice can lead to conflict or breakdown and how much understanding, love and openness it takes to transcend certain beliefs.
They documented their thoughts and experience in a short film and invited all readers to look at it, share and reflect on the prejudices and stereotypes they carry and encounter.

“Although differences, the same blood flows in all of us.” was one of the participants’ conclusions. The red line connected 30 artworks they created, which symbolize conflict, being misunderstood, being understood, breaking and peace.
You can watch the entire exhibition of art works in a short video.

The very name and logo of the youth exchange “Do you See ME ?!” invites us to think twice about whether we see a person as he really is.

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