Participants of the Local Lab project Tangram gave birth to a handful of interesting project ideas at the 2nd and 3rd participatory workshop of the Local Action Plan.

Datum objave: 6. December, 2021.

Argonauta Association organized the second and third participatory workshop within the Tangram project, which it is conducting with 9 other partners within the ADRION cross-border cooperation program.

After the first workshop, where stakeholders reflected on positive and negative expectations in the coming period, the aim of further work was to generate ideas that will answer the questions: what needs to be done, when and by whom? And then discuss the projects, select the best and identify the responsible actors for their implementation, all with the aim of approaching the realization of the vision of Murter 2030, shaping in accordance with the results of the first participatory workshop:
In 2030, Sustainable Murter is a tourist developed, communally equipped, horticulturally arranged, environmentally harmonized place (island), built in accordance with ecological values, urban plans of traditional Mediterranean architecture, which provides visitors with an authentic experience of the Adriatic and Dalmatian way of life. actively works to increase the quality of life, but also in independent entrepreneurial initiatives in agriculture, fisheries, all in accordance with municipal measures and with the cooperation of the public, civil and economic sectors. “

The workshops brought together more than 20 local stakeholders, representatives of local policy makers, the private sector, sector experts, and representatives of the non-profit sector. Under the leadership of Mirna Karzen and Ante Vekić (Symbol), through two workshops, the stakeholders first generated project ideas, and then through discussion and voting defined those with which Murter will come one step closer to achieving the vision.

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