Datum objave: 7. December, 2021.

Participatory workshop “Participatory management of the local community of the Municipality of Murter – Kornati: socially responsible business and green marketing” within the project SAIL (sub-activity 1.6.4.) Was held on Friday, December 3, 2021, starting at 10.00. The workshop was held in compliance with epidemiological measures. The participants of the workshop were representatives of civil society organizations, the Municipality of Murter-Kornati and other public and private organizations.

In the first part of the workshop, Assoc. dr. sc. Božena Krce Miočić from the Department of Tourism and Communication Sciences of the University of Zadar presented the basic principles of the concept of socially responsible business and behavior at the level of individuals, business organizations and society as a whole. Personal values, morals, worldviews and ethical choices woven into the different interests and goals of individuals and organizations at the local level are often difficult to balance. The complexity of implementing this concept is manifested through the need to achieve economic sustainability, the inclusion of socially responsible business in business strategy, work environment, environmental protection, market relations, community relations, responsible diversity policies and human rights protection. This issue was brought up through practical examples, based on which the participants discussed the application of the concept of socially responsible business in the local community of the Municipality of Murter – Kornati. This approach to understanding business and behavior sparked discussion among participants.

After this doc. dr. sc. Tomislav Klarin from the Department of Tourism and Communication Sciences of the University of Zadar presented environmental certificates and labels as one of the possibilities for implementing the concept of socially responsible business. Ecological certificates and labels indicate a change of business aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment, therefore they play a significant role in socially responsible business because they contribute to sustainable development through care, protection and preservation of the natural environment. They also signify a certain quality and serve as proof of excellence in business. In addition, their implementation has a significant impact on raising awareness of the need to preserve the environment, as it promotes responsible behavior of internal and external stakeholders. Their application is increasing in tourism, because destinations want to show responsible behavior and diversify and position themselves in the tourism market. Practical examples of the application of environmental certificates and labels in the world were used to analyze and determine the possibility of their application in the local community of the Municipality of Murter – Kornati.

The previous elements were used by Dr. sc. Gabrijela Vidić from the Department of Tourism and Communication Sciences, University of Zadar to present the basic principles and goals of green marketing, which is also considered in the framework of socially responsible business. Green marketing as a type of social and environmental marketing includes marketing efforts aimed at satisfying the desires of consumers related to environmental protection. Basic examples of green marketing are environmentally friendly products (low or zero harmfulness), packaging (less packaging or recycled material, returnable packaging, labeling that facilitates recycling) and communication (consumers sensitive to the authenticity of messages). These elements are further problematized in the context of the results of research on supply and demand in the global tourism market, and especially based on the practical example of the state of Slovenia, which is branded as a green destination. All of the above served as a starting point for a good discussion and reflection on the factors of recognition of the Municipality of Murter – Kornati in the tourist market.

The workshop met the needs of the participants, but further pointed out the complexity of establishing common values, principles and norms as the basis of socially responsible business in the local community of Murter – Kornati. It is also clear that certain knowledge is needed to implement the concept of corporate social responsibility. Having in mind all the above and the feedback of the participants in the workshop, it can be concluded that at the local community level it is necessary to think about specific common values ​​as factors of socially responsible business and behavior. These factors can contribute to the sustainable development of the local community in terms of strengthening cultural identity, preserving the environment and raising well-being, however, they also need to be appropriately built and promoted among the younger generations in order to preserve them for the future.

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