Datum objave: 10. December, 2021.

Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the Promotion of the Sustainable Development, Argonauta, took part this year in the largest campaign to raise awareness of waste prevention in Europe called EWWR European Week for Waste Reduction where he is with his photo TIREFRAME won the photo contest.

Since 2009, the EWWR campaign has brought together various actors, citizens, schools, companies and non-governmental organizations, associations that organize activities to raise awareness about waste reduction. That’s right
one week in November reserved for sharing the various ideas at European level they promote
3R campaign motto: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, Redesign and Recycle!

Argonauta Association joined the European Week for Waste Reduction this year as well, with project
activities Buzzing to the food – Buzzing to the knowledge through which the children’s playground will be arranged with the help of discarded tires. Through November, discarded tires got a new face and now represent miscellaneous
fruits and vegetables, or food for which we can thank the diligent and incredibly important pollinators!
Through an educational recycled playground, children will learn what the 3R concept is, the reasons we have to
protect pollinators, and the reasons why we should appreciate the food we eat. The project activity is
financed from a donation from the Municipality of Tisno.

In the production of tires that will be fruits and vegetables range for valuable bees: Argonauta’s long-term and short-term ESC volunteers who deserved their creativity and dedication achieved the EWWR title of this photo competition.

The picture called TIREFRAME shows the making of a discarded tire framed by a ready-made product with rubber that is no more and no less than a pomegranate. In combination with other fruits and vegetables, tires will be placed on the children’s playground in Tisno.

Argonauta Association invites everyone to start applying the motto 3R in everyday life and to take them into account
inserting at least one more letter “R”. For expample, Refuse to buy various items that are not too
needed, you will not repurpose them or that cannot be recycled. New Year is a great opportunity to
think about new decisions and Eco decisions seem like a great choice!

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