“Super composter” personal project ESC volunteer.

Datum objave: 25. January, 2022.

The Association for the Protection of Nature and the Environment and the Promotion of Sustainable Development of Argonaut has completed the first edition of the WIN project (Volunteer IN Murter) through which three volunteers significantly contributed to the work of the Association and the local community. Through their volunteer service, the volunteers carried out personal projects, and the last implemented project is that of the volunteer Costanza Laurie who designed and made SUPER KOMPOSTER!

The idea for a composter came to our volunteer soon after arriving in Croatia for a simple reason – she didn’t know where to go with biowaste! Although utility companies also offer composters in Croatia, people simply do not have the habit of composting, unlike Italians. Ready to change that, Costanza designed and made SUPER KOMPOSTER for her personal project – interesting, attractive, and easy to use! The goal of the project and the composter itself is to present composting to children from an early age as an interesting and useful activity to help the planet Earth, animals that eat compost, and people who will eat healthy food, grown in fertile land obtained from the compost!

The huge paradox of today is that one-third of all food produced ends up as waste while 800 million people are hungry. Also, discarded food is a huge problem in waste management because the area it occupies is equal to the area of ​​China. In order for us all to be part of the solution, instead of the problem, we invite you to make a SUPER COMPOSTER and recycle your biowaste and create excellent preconditions for growing your own, healthy food!

With a little will and effort you will learn to imitate nature and close one cycle! 🙂

Download the guide for making SUPER COMPOSTERS and a leaflet on how to compost HERE and watch a short video of how to make a composter.

ESC volunteer Costanza Lauria, would like to thank the Utility Company MURTELA d.o.o. to help build a composter, the Association of Argonauts on the opportunity and support, the Municipality of Tisno on funds, kindergarten “Shell” in Betina to host a composter and Erasmus plus program on the occasion of a unique experience of volunteering.

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