We are values.

Datum objave: 27. January, 2022.

From 2020 to nowadays Argonauta association has held the WIN (Volunteer IN Murter) project, in which volunteers from Spain and Italy participate for 8-12 months in Murter in diverse activities that encourage the protection of the environment and the promotion and care of a sustainable community through union and learning. WIN project is found through the Erasmus plus program as part of Erasmus Solidarity Corps, and now it has its own logo created by volunteer.

All the volunteers that have participated these years on the WIN project have held their hands and worked together in the name of friendship, solidarity, and values. And that is what the WIN project logo, “We are values”, transmits. As letters, when we are together, we are stronger, we aim to achieve a bigger meaning. This logo represents the strength of unity, equality, and inclusivity. It does not matter from where or who we are; our values, willingness, and love for nature and the community are what unify us and make us WIN.

This logo catches the essence of these qualities by representing the connection of nature through the colours of the principal natural elements. Blue not just represents water, but the deepness of our purpose; green does not just represent the earth, but blooming; orange not just represents the sun and light, but wisdom and learning. Nature is the nucleus of our project, but togetherness is the pilar to its care; this logo unifies natural elements as we unify our strength to cooperate and bloom, to make a better world, to aim the harmony between people and the environment. We are part of nature and we have to take care of it.

“We are Values” logo made by the volunteer Marisol Navarro. 🙂

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