The 2nd International Conference of the Tangram Project was held.

Datum objave: 7. February, 2022.

The duration of the project has been extended until January 31, 2023, and the next meeting of partner organizations will be held in Murter in late April or early May. This is the most important information from the 2nd International Conference of the Tangram project, organized in Nis by the local association Proaktiv. This conference was an opportunity for Argonauta to present all implemented activities, ie participatory workshops for the purpose of developing a local communication plan, which will form the backbone of the transnational action plan with other partners. “Realization of the project in the COVID-19 period” was the topic of this conference, in which due to the epidemiological situation most of the partners participated online, through the Zoom platform, while several representatives accessed live.

Working groups and level of implementation

Most of the partners managed to organize working groups, so a number of participatory workshops were held. However, we expect to develop a transnational action plan only in April, when all partners complete local action plans and then start implementing pilot actions – said Tristana Randi from DELTA 2000 local development agency from Emilia-Romagna in Italy.
In addition, the state of development of the Tangram network was presented, as well as the level of implementation of communication activities such as updating the project website, social media channels, newsletters, and event organization. After that, most of the project partners, including Argonauta, presented the results from their working and participatory groups. In the context of the development of the local action plan, everyone has reached similar goals – the exchange of knowledge, opinions, and ideas is needed, and with a focus on sustainable tourism, it is important to preserve and promote natural resources that can prolong or stimulate the tourist season, develop the economy and entrepreneurship in the project area.

By taking action in green Murter

Sanja Mihić and Suzana Suman participated in the conference on behalf of Argonauta, as well as an external associate from Symbol, Ante Vekić, who gave a presentation on participatory workshops, but also actions that participants said were necessary to achieve the vision of Murter as a green destination. That is why it was identified that the actions to be taken include changing the mental state of the local population, establishing a strategy to reduce waste and plastics, upgrading the Amphora Flavors project, designing thematic historical routes, focusing on sustainable mobility, and creating an authentic tourist offer.

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