Workshop “Renewable energy sources” held at Vodice Elementary School.

Datum objave: 12. February, 2022.

On February 12, 2022, the second workshop “Renewable energy sources” was held at the Elementary School of Vodice as part of the implementation of the project “Kornati – it is important to know about the sea.” The aim of today’s workshop was to raise awareness of forms of energy, learn about different energy sources and their sustainability or unsustainability, improve the presentation and creative skills and group work, but also encourage creativity, cooperation, innovation, and use of renewable energy sources through WINDMILLS and RENOVATIVE HOUSES.

In order for the students to relax, animate and start their activities, we started the workshop with the game “invisible ball“. The ball contained a large amount of energy that prompted us to do various activities, and we learned the difference between fossil energy and solar energy! A ball that contains fossil energy will lighten over time, while one that contains solar energy remains almost the same weight!

The second activity introduced us to different sources of energy in the world, and their names and explanations, they discovered themselves through a game in which each “name of energy source” had to find its “explanation”. In this way, they got acquainted with renewable and non-renewable energy sources and were amazed by the fact that there is only 0.02% of sea energy in the world. Some of the students were not surprised by a single fact, while most of them were impressed by the low representation of renewable energy sources.

We continued our activities through the energy questionnaire. We divided the room in half with crepe tape and marked one side with YES and the other with NO, so they answered one question or another by answering questions. When asked about solar panels, only one student answered YES, while others pointed out that there are solar panels in their neighborhood.

In the next activity, the students became reporters from around the world. We were divided into four groups and each of them tried to convey news about the consequences of fossil fuel consumption and new trends in the use of renewable energy sources. They paid a lot of attention to making all the necessary equipment for reporting – cameras, microphones, posters, and at one point we had to focus on the text itself. Each group presented their work to others, and through the activity, we learned that being a reporter is a difficult task and that all changes and focus on renewable energy are more than possible!

Through the last activity – the energy of the future – we focused on making cardboard houses with our own energy source and making windmills. The attention was so focused on making houses that the results are more than interesting, so we got cardboard houses with solar panels, a swimming pool and a dog house, a cardboard house with many windmills, one that exuded nature and renewal, and one that was more than interesting! Some were very happy during the making of the cottages, some a little less and needed encouragement, but the activity paid off and showed the possibility of reusing the items we gave new life to! And how? We repurposed the old fan, connected it to the small diodes, and used a hairdryer to run the fan and let the light bulb light up! The activity caused a lot of excitement and some of the students had a hard time separating and ended the workshop…

In the end, they expressed their satisfaction through a short evaluation, from whether they learned something new today, whether they were satisfied with the practical part… And how it really was for us, look through the photo gallery!

Follow us until the next workshop when we will pay attention to FOOD and how to think globally and act locally!!!

The project holder is the Association for Nature and Environmental Protection and Promotion of Sustainable Development of Argonauts, and project partners are the Municipality of Murter-Kornati, Kornati National Park, Spužvica Tisno Kindergarten, Šubićevac Center for Education, Aurora Association, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb and Elementary school Vodice. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Science and Education.

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