The first-weekend seminar was held in Promina as part of the project “eMulsion – the energy of young people in the local community”.

Datum objave: 7. March, 2022.

The first weekend in March was reserved for the first of two-weekend seminars within the project “eMulsion – the role of youth in the local community” co-financed by the Central State Office for Demography and Youth held in Promina.

The weekend seminar was conceived as an informal education workshop of ten young people aged 15 to 20 from the area of the two municipalities; Murter-Kornati and Promina. Thus, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, young people were introduced to the “world of projects”; what a project is all about, how to think project-wise, how to identify project opportunities in your local community, and finally how to design your own project for which there is a certain budget.

Before designing their own projects that will be of value to these two local communities, and which will be launched by the just mentioned young people with the professional help and support of project partners; our associations Argonauta, the Municipalities of Murter-Kornati and Promina, and Matica Hrvatska in Murter, we also visited the Eco-Campus “Krka” in Puljani to give a vivid example of young people gain insight into what projects can be achieved and accomplished.

We would also like to thank Agroturizm Duvančić in Razvodje for their hospitality and pleasant space where we could be creative and relaxed during our work.

We finished the weekend seminar on Sunday, March 6 in the afternoon, and as a result of our work, we received the outlines of two projects that we will further define and announce at the second-weekend seminar to be held with the same young people in June in Murter.

We can not wait!

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