Island Extravaganza – 15 young international volunteers arrived on Murter again this year.

Datum objave: 5. October, 2022.

It has already become a tradition for Argonauta and Murter to host young volunteers from different parts of Europe at the beginning of autumn. This year, too, it happened through the program of the European Solidarity Corps, through which young people aged 18 to 30 have the opportunity to travel, volunteer and learn through various activities.

Murter and the Argonauta association have already proven themselves to be good hosts in this program, so this autumn they hosted 15 young people from Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Poland for one month through a project called “Island Extravaganza”.

The joint goal of the young people and Argonauta Assocation is to contribute to the local community through the volunteer engagement of these young people, so their “work place” until the end of October will mainly be the first Croatian archaeological beach Colentum and the hill Raduč. In these locations, volunteers will break through and arrange new paths, organize clean-up actions, and in addition, they will have the opportunity to experience a new national culture (Croatian) and a new local culture (Murter) and embrace values ​​such as social inclusion, equal opportunities, active citizenship, solidarity and tolerance.

This will certainly affect the improvement of their skills and competencies for personal, social, civic, cultural and professional development, which will certainly result in a strengthened sense of their self-confidence.

On Saturday, October 15, an action to collect books for opendoor libraries, which will soon be set up in two places in Murter, is planned, and in which these young volunteers from Europe will participate in addition to the local population by donating a book themselves.

If you want to follow the work of these young people or join us in the book collection campaign, follow the social networks of the Argonaut association, where all the news and the progress of the Island Extravaganza project will be published.

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