LET’S PLANT A GREENER FUTURE – the first Eco Patrol workshop was held.

Datum objave: 11. October, 2022.

On October 8, 2022, the first workshop within the project “Let’s plant a greener future” of Argonaut’s Eco-Patrol was held in the premises of Vodice Elementary School. The project and extracurricular educational workshops aim to strengthen awareness of the values of nature and the environment surrounding us and to create a positive attitude towards sustainable development. The first workshop participants were fifth-grade students of Elementary School Vodice, who demonstrated their knowledge, skills, and creativity.

The first activity “It’s green, I want to know what it is” aimed to recognize characteristic Mediterranean plant species. Attendees will have the opportunity to plant some of them at the next workshops. With the help of the “Plant net” mobile application, the children recognized the types of plants whose fruits and leaves were on the table. They connected the type and shape of the plant with the cards on which there was an interesting story about them.

In another activity called “fossilization“, the participants made “plant fossils” out of plaster. In this way, it will be easier to remember the appearance of the plant, and the shape will be permanently preserved in the classroom. From gypsum and water, in the correct ratio, the participants made an impression of the plant by placing the lower part of the leaf on the mixture. After the plaster dried, they gently removed the plant and received a permanent souvenir from the workshop. After the implementation of this activity, children acquire various skills: they improve their organizational skills and carry out their tasks, they are trained to work independently, they develop the ability to follow instructions, they are trained to work within a time limit, they are encouraged to be creative.

We spent the third “Ice Green” activity in the schoolyard. The children modified the game “Ice Grandma” and gave it their name “Ice Green”. Out of a total of sixteen children, three had the role of fire, three were of ice, and the rest were “green” representing trees. When the fire touches the “greens” they should “burn”, and only ice can save them. After the game, we talked about the impact of fire on forests and learned from the game the importance of nature conservation and territory protection.

The fourth activity is called “Map memories“. Namely, the participants independently made memory cards, so they made equal fields on A4 paper and each of them drew two of the same motifs from the activities carried out. After drawing, they plasticized the paper and cut out the cards and the game began. The goal of this activity was the artistic and creative expression of the participants using motifs from the activities and the development of mental abilities and competitive spirit.

After the implementation, the students evaluated each activity. They were extremely satisfied and say that they are looking forward to the next gathering, which will take place this Sunday, October 16, 2022.

We hereby invite all interested parties to join us in the reforestation of the rehabilitated Leć landfill. Please confirm your arrival by Friday, October 14 at the latest so that we can prepare the materials for the work.

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